A community lecture circuit featuring speakers from many of our refugees' countries. Each time exploring the food, culture, and politics of the the country, all members leave with a greater understanding of the places many of our students call home.
Lecture topics
The first JaxTHRIVE Journeys invited Syrian native and humanitarian, Dr. Yazan Khatib, to share his experiences, thoughts, and knowledge. First exploring the history, Dr. Khatib constructed a context to allow all members a greater understanding of the events that led to Syria's current situation. Through his personal anecdotes and first hand experience, he was able to leave a great impact on JaxTHRIVE members.
The lost boys of sudan
The second lecture brought together a variety of speakers, each adding a unique element. Opening with JaxTHRIVE founder and president, Chase Magnano, he presented an overview of the exodus to establish an understanding before introducing the speakers. Anthony Akech gave a harrowing account of his journey with the Lost Boys, sharing stories of loss, fear, and uncertainty. Nhial Kou who, similar to Anthony, was forced to leave his childhood home due to the violence from the civil war. Finally, Sharon Svihel, known by her Sudanese friends as Mamma Chol for adopting one of the Lost Boys, spoke to her history with the Sudanese in Jacksonville. After hearing from all speakers, the participants left with a greater appreciation for and understanding of The Lost Boys of Sudan